Begin the holiday planning!

It’s 4th quarter which means …. the holidays are right around the corner! Now is the time to start planning! Is your company …

  • Selling products online?

  • Want to sell gift cards?

  • Need employee or client holiday gifts?

We can help! We design and build a wide variety of e-commerce websites. We can sell products directly online and give them a boost using Google or Facebook Ads. We can manage your e-commerce store or train you how to manage it on your own. We can even setup your store to sell and redeem gift cards! If you are looking for holiday gifts, we can also design and print custom apparel, drinkware, bags and offer some great ideas from some of our incredible clients!

Website Design in Sioux Falls, SD

We are so excited to announce, Downtown Design, LLC is now operating as a husband and wife website design and marketing agency in Sioux Falls, SD!

We both now live in Sioux Falls with four of our combined children. Jonah (16), Gideon (15), Asher (12) and Emma (8). We work out of our home most days, but we do also have a shared workspace available to us at the Zeal Center for Entrepreneurship on the northwest side of Sioux Falls. However, since COVID, most of our meetings are online with Zoom and communicated daily with our clients via phone and/or email.

Our main areas of service are divided two parts – website design and digital marketing.

Our website design services include small start-up websites to large e-commerce platforms. All of our websites are fully responsive, adapting the size of the website to any device – mobile, tablet or desktop. Our digital marketing services include social media posting, blog writing, keyword optimization, SEO (search engine optimization), PPC (pay-per-click), monthly ROI reporting and consulting.

Beyond that, we also offer hosting, graphic design, photography and videography.

We are looking forward to serving the Sioux Falls, SD area. We love helping other business owners succeed in their market. Call us today for a free consultation. 605.368.0987

Sioux Falls Leadership Summit 2021

The SME Sioux Falls Board of Directors and the Sioux Falls Leadership Summit Committee did an amazing job putting together the Sioux Falls Leadership Summit that was finally able to take place this month! It was a HUGE success with an outstanding amount of attendance.

John Maxwell, the #1 New York Times bestselling author, world-renowned leadership expert and headlining speaker of the event was full of life tips, shared years of knowledge and inspired the entire audience. He especially reminded me that everything worth working hard for is an uphill. It’s not easy. Not only that, but consistency is truly key. Consistency … although, not a sexy word or most attractive trait, it is most important when working for your life goals. Consistency compounds. You need to not only work hard, but you need to work hard EVERY DAY.

John was very careful to speak to the entire audience, but also hinted at his underlying beliefs with his strong faith as an evangelical Christian. This made me relate and understand his message on an even deeper level.

I thoroughly enjoyed the event. It was inspiring – leaving me refreshed and motivated to work even harder.

It was a great event and I am already looking forward to SME’s next event!

New Onsite Website Design Services

A new popular concept in website design and development – we come to you!

We have had a great response to working with our clients onsite. This helps keep our clients in control of their services and meets their needs in a timely matter, getting exactly what they are looking for in their website services. Our clients have found this service perfect for them, here’s why:

  1. You get exactly what you want, communicating efficiently.
  2. Professional photography and videography while onsite.
  3. No waiting on emails, no communication delays.
  4. You will know exactly when each section of project is completed.
  5. Watch and learn while we work, we can train you while we work.

All companies can take advantage of this concept, including business starting a brand new website, existing businesses revamping their current website, big companies that have intense and complex websites, e-commerce businesses and non-profit organizations looking to save money and resources.


Listen as Christy speaks about our Onsite Website Design services on KDLO Radio:

Website Design & Digital Marketing Agency in Sioux Falls, SD

We are so excited to announce that we now have a shared office space in Sioux Falls, SD to meet with our clients! It’s located in the Zeal Center for Entrepreneurship building in the midst of the creative action. As a website design agency nestled in the heartland of the country, we embrace our small town roots, while offering big city quality and results for website design, search engine optimization and digital marketing strategies. We are proud to serve small family-owned businesses, large corporations, agricultural driven companies and non-profit organizations.

Our services include: WordPress website design, e-commerce web site design and development, search engine optimization (SEO), Google Ads (PPC), onsite optimization, website design and seo consulting and much more.

Call or text me, Christy at 605.368.0987 to set-up a phone call or in-person meeting today! I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Moving Forward After the Pandemic

If there is one lesson that entrepreneurs quickly learn, it’s to keep moving forward. This last year has been a tough one to get through. However, as the relentless creatures entrepreneurs are, many have found ways to actually benefit from the situation or have already started rebuilding from it.

Being resilient and learning to go full throttle during tough times is how I was born and raised – and is how I run my businesses today. For example, during the pandemic my family and I had to put our heads together for our bar and restaurant here in our local small town. We were forced to close our dining area, yet we actually increased profits by offering pick-up and then adding delivery as a paid service. We used the opportunity to create a whole new menu and we used our off-sale beer license to deliver beer at our customer’s homes and businesses! We came out with higher profits than we would with our dining area closed, we earned an extra stream of income from delivery service charges – and we even received hefty tips! I was so proud of how we handled the situation, something I will never forget. Now we have since opened our doors and business is back running as usual. However I wonder if we should have ever got back to normal, every time I go to any fast food restaurant I’m still amazed to see their doors to dining are still shut and their drive up is packed with cars wrapped around the block. Brilliant actually. They are now operating with less staff, less house keeping and less menu items that allows them to cut their cost and increase profits on a huge scale. We might not all be happy about it as customers, but as long as the franchisees can get away with stretching their profit margins – we will definitely not see it change any time soon. Other businesses, especially in the health industry, have done very well as a result of the pandemic.

However, there are other businesses that have not done so well. Some of our non-profit organization clients, for example, whom completely rely on fundraising events to survive have almost gone extinct. Even if they could create an event environment with all the precautions to allow for people to feel more safe at the event, the chances of getting volunteers to put themselves at risk are little to none.

In my opinion, one of the worse effects of COVID-19 that I have seen is the devastating plummet of unemployment. According the the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) the unemployment rate has dropped 30%. This has resulted in shortages in food, manufacturing and household income across the nation. Not to mention those businesses that are already struggling – are now struggling to find employees. This puts a huge halt on the rebuilding process.

My digital marketing company has had it’s struggles too. Because of the instant loss of income from clients forced to close doors, I was obligated to lay off my full-time employee. Shortly after, I chose to leave my full time office building because all the meetings have gone online – and with no employees it was overhead that I just didn’t need. I picked up all the work myself … again (as I’ve done off and on for twenty years in the business, sometimes having employees and sometimes not). But the positive side was with the amount of money I’m saving, profits of course have increased.

So now, it’s time to move forward. That will mean different things to different company owners. Perhaps we now recognize ways to cut costs and increase profits. Maybe we created new products or services we can offer. Or perhaps we found a completely new path to take for our business. Whatever it means, we need to keep moving forward in our personal life – and our business. This reminds me of Walt Disney’s quote stated before the credits on the Disney film “Meet the Robinsons” –

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Walt Disney

Best SEO Agencies in Minneapolis 2021

Downtown Design, LLC has again won the one of the “Best SEO Agencies in Minneapolis” Award for 2021! Our Reputation Rating is an A and our Professionalism Rating is an A+ We want to thank for continuing this every year and we are proud to be a part of the yearly awards!

No Support from Tech Leaders Slows Workflow

COVID-19 has thrown almost every small business in an unpredictable whirlwind. Downtown Design, LLC is no exception. Our staff and myself has struggled with keeping up with the demand of clients needing emergency COVID-19 responses on websites, keeping some of restaurants and shopping center clients alive by adding online ordering, not to mention our own personal lives making time to homeschool children and help our local community – but the most challenging part is the much slower response we are getting from our tech leaders that play an everyday vital role in getting our client’s projects done. We have had multiple tech and support issues with Google, Paypal and Facebook. Some of these issues include being unable to reach support, extremely slowed servers, connectivity issues, being unable to post – and even unable to login entirely. We are working around the clock to keep up with our demand, however with these leaders not being able to be responsive constant troubleshooting causes much more time and energy, therefore increases wait times and overall costs. We ask that our clients are patient and understanding during this time. Rest assured we are working around the clock to respond to as quickly as possible. We thank all our clients for their business, it means everything to us. We wish everyone to stay safe – we believe our business and entire economy will come out stronger than ever.

Creating Opportunities During a Pandemic

“Is this real life? What is happening?!?” The global pandemic COVID-19 seemed to come out of nowhere and sent us for unbelievable whirlwind of very unexpected turns. High hopes for the new year of 2020 has quickly turned upside down to gloom and doom. People are dying. Stock markets are plummeting. Shoppers are hoarding. Individuals are quarantining. Events are canceling. Schools are closing. Finally, businesses are shutting down. Employees are being sent home. Many are losing their jobs. The small business owners take a huge it – some aren’t going to make it. Everyone seems to be effected. Many of us that were not taking this so seriously in the beginning are finally being taken down with the storm. We are all scared. Seems like so many of us were doing so well just a week ago. It was so sudden. Our businesses are losing the battle. My clients are scared, they are weeping in anger and fear. This was not in our first quarter plan.

So now what? As a business owner of three very different types of businesses, I really saw first-hand how much damage an epidemic could do. I don’t want to get into too much detail, but we have been cutting major costs, problem solving and crunching numbers around the clock to see what we could do to stay alive. Everything took such a huge hit, I wasn’t sure if we would be able to recover. The absolute hardest was our restaurant and bar. The county mandated for doors to be shut down. Not being able to serve our customers meant absolutely no income for weeks, maybe even months. How could we possibly get through this? Within a couple days, I watched each restaurant in our small town having to shut down, closing their doors … one by one. I was determined that there was a way we could come together and make this work. I knew there had to be a creative solution. Then like a ton of bricks … it hit me. We can do DELIVERY. Now this was not new. I quickly researched the companies that already existed that did fast food delivery. However, none of them available in our small town, but with my website abilities I knew there was a way to create one. That’s when “Local Diners Deliver” was born. I was fired up and in three days had the plan, the brand and the website done. I wanted others to join but started with our own restaurant first … we launched and it was an immediate success! We are now open for business and ramping up our online sales for pick-up and delivery. We have had great feedback and we hope to continue to grow.

I truly believe you can take almost any situation and make it good. Sometimes it takes some creativity, but if you look hard enough, you’ll find that new opportunity.

Check out the website at:

Clark Location Moved to New Location on Highway

We’ve been growing! Last month we have moved into our new office, a larger location with much more exposure right on Highway 212, next to the Clark Courier and local attorney in the old Moritz Publishing location. This has been an amazing transition, and it fits us perfectly down to the ink splatters on the original wood floors that remind us everyday of the hard industrial work and commitment that founded our industry, bringing business and readers together, benefiting the entire community.

This keeps our small town roots in place, our local businesses and the people that live here is what matters most. We are here to help those businesses take marketing a step further, with print as the foundation – but online as well using many digital marketing options. Using both print and digital, creates strong, effective marketing campaigns that cannot be ignored.

We would love to learn more about you and your business and help you grow in the community and create your own success story.