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WordPress Database Update Required

This first quarter of 2019 has been a busy one for WordPress developers. There has been 10 significant updates for WordPress 5, 5.1 and 5.2, not to mention some huge PHP updates this quarter as well, that has resulted in some required maintenance and updating needed on some of our websites. We have been running […]

Best Website Designer in the Business

One of the biggest things that makes Downtown Design the best in the business is our friendliness, honesty and integrity. Our account reps are not the pushy sales types, using scare tactics to demand loads of money from our clients – we simply listen to our clients needs, offer our suggestions and deliver what we […]

The Bible – It’s Life Changing

It’s astonishing to me, of all the books that we read during our lives … from “The Millionaire Next Store” to “Fifty Shades of Grey” the Bible is one that is typically kept on the shelf, at least it was for me. Yet, it contains the most valuable information us human beings could ever possess […]

Slicing Pie by Mike Moyer

This is PERFECT for start-ups who don’t have the cash flow, but need the work done now – so they can get the payday they deserve later. The best part, is that the business is divided based on a mathematical equation, not by the opinions of the individuals.. – Christy Huisenga (Beving) I wish I […]

The Secret by Rhonda Byrnes

This is by far, the best book I’ve ever read – and the most important. I was in awe of their success, just like an inspiring entrepreneur would be. So I jabbed a little deeper in the subject. She then brought out a book out of her library. It was “The Secret”. – Christy Huisenga […]