Best Website Designer in the Business

One of the biggest things that makes Downtown Design the best in the business is our friendliness, honesty and integrity. Our account reps are not the pushy sales types, using scare tactics to demand loads of money from our clients – we simply listen to our clients needs, offer our suggestions and deliver what we promise. To accomplish this with every client, every time -we have a full-time project manager to make sure every project moves smoothly; full-time talented website designer on staff; and a variety of account representatives that follow-up on every project to assure that we are meeting and going above and beyond our client’s exceptions. We have perfected a step-by-step process to complete each project successfully using clear communication from beginning to end. This is why we gain many clients from our competitor’s clients reaching out for a better solution and after we earn their business we proudly hold a 98% retention rate.

This is why are tagline is, “Big City Quality & Small Town Service”

Stop Discounting Your Services

If you or someone you know is struggling with not making enough sales for their businesses – and they continue to offer discounts, discounts and more discounts … I would love to talk them! Discounting services is an injustice to any company that offers good, quality work. It hits your sales team and reputation right in the gut, generating lack of confidence, bad precedent and overall lower perceived value and even worse than that – discounting your products or services costs money.

That’s money that could of been in YOUR pocket so you aren’t struggling. Furthermore it’s money that you could be INVESTING to make more sales for your business. It cuts your services short and cutting your business short of having the finances to succeed.

Instead, use that money that you loose in your discount to put towards a pay-per-click campaign. For example, one of our clients that has an e-commerce store, was selling a product for about $93 retail. He had a popular discount running on the website constantly, that discounted that item down to about $65. This gives my client, the business $27 LOSS with each purchase. Yikes. So when we started working with him on pay-per-click, we learned that the cost of each sale was going to be a little under $20. So with that knowledge of the conversion rate (-$20 cost + $93 sale = $73 gross profit) we could multiple the conversion rate, this removes the risk. So now instead of selling 100 items x $65 = $6,500 … we put $5,000 of ad spend in each month / $20 = 250 x $93 = $23,250, a difference of $16,750 per month! (mic drop)

Custom Built Digital Marketing Plans

Most digital marketing companies that target small business owners throw every client into a “cookie cutter” ad campaign. It makes sense internally, it’s a nice smooth process they can emulate easily so that they are able to scale quickly. However, it usually doesn’t take long before the small business owner client to realize, they’re not getting a whole lotta BANG for their BUCK. The truth is, every small business client is different. There is different target markets, ad campaigns, social media platforms, keywords, sales funnels, conversion rates and more. That’s why it’s critical that your marketing campaign is specifically marketed towards YOU. Our digital marketing agency can design the perfect MARKETING PLAN for your company so that you can see results as soon as we begin. We take your investment in marketing seriously, creating your custom marketing plan and answering your questions along the way. We also take the time to review data WITH you on a regular basis, so you can watch the progress on the way! Contact us to schedule your free consultation!

Account Representatives – OPEN

We are seeking commissioned-based Account Representatives for Downtown Minneapolis/St. Paul area, and the West Metro, South Metro, East Metro/Western Wisconsin areas, Western and South Eastern South Dakota and possibly North Dakota. These positions work either along side an existing job, or as a full-time career. All representatives may have the opportunity to advance their position into a full-time salary position with full benefits (health, dental, vision & life insurance and 401k), depending on flexibility, personal preference and job performance.

Why work for us? We have had an astronomical growth within this last year, growing 3x the size in just one year. Our quality, communication, turnaround times and customer support has never been higher – and it shows. We have held an all 5-STAR RATING for 3 years in a row. Our client base is growing quickly because of our 98% retention rate. Because we have perfected the website and digital marketing process for small business owners, we make it a superior win-win for both us and our very valuable clients. We are faster than ever, even though we are still small we are mighty. Our turnaround times from our small 4-person team is almost immediate because we hire only the best. We are looking for more work immediately and we want you to be a part of it!  We are expected to shake grounds, growing in multiple locations in the next 1-3 years, allowing our account representatives their own office spaces, top commissions and personal daily flexibility all well holding each and every promise to the clients, making sure their words are as good as gold. We simply won’t let our reps down and will do every possible action possible to keep promises and go above and beyond client expectations.

– Commissioned base is $250 minimum per sale or 10%, whichever is greater
– Plus 10% residual on monthly marketing packages
– 1-4 sales per week (4-16 monthly) is expected and required to claim a sales region

– Lead generation by attending networking groups weekly
– Punctual & professional while representing the business
– Initial discovery meeting with potential clients
– Providing proposals in-person or by email
– Follow-up required on each prospect

– Associate’s degree or higher in business, technology or related profession
– 4+ years sales experience in technology
– Basic computer skills
– Excellent communication skills and consistent follow-up
– Communicating with clients by phone, email and/or in person

– Knowledge of Website Design and/or Search Engine Optimization
– Sales experience for digital marketing, SEO, websites etc

If you are interested, please email your resume to:


Twin Cities Region Map:

Share-a-Sale / WP Engine Affiliate SCAM

I thrive on being positive, however this last week I was seriously disappointed with two companies that I had so much respect for – until now. I feel like those in the same position should be aware that some affiliate companies can be a scam and should stay away. As professional digital marketer, trying to make some extra cash on the side by way of online affiliate programs is not a stretch. I’ve recently been able to throw my skills into an affiliate program for a company that I use everyday, our WordPress hosting company, WP Engine. As a hosting provider, they are the best I’ve ever worked with – their security, backups, intuitive technology and their intelligent and extremely accessible tech team make choosing this company for our hosting a no brainer. Another company I’ve been anxiously waiting to work with is Share-a-Sale, a very well known, reputable affiliate company locally owned in Chicago. You can imagine my excitement when I learned that WP Engine actually listed as a merchant to sell for inside Share-a-Sale … perfect! I love that I would be able to market for a company I already know! Furthermore, they come with a healthy payout of $200 per sale. Awesome! This is an affiliate merchant I can really get behind. So after a few late nights, I had created a successful Google PPC click campaign and within one week I so excited to see I successfully gained WP Engine 6 new clients, earning a commission of $1200 in one week. I was so excited! After the week ended, and Monday came around I logged in my account to see my final payout for the week of work – but then felt my whole body deflated when I saw the screen. WP Engine had taken the sales but declined and voided all the commission payments before they could be paid out. I was shocked and so disappointed by these two companies that I always had high respects for, just completely dumbfounded. Lesson learned. I love the idea of an affiliate program, but when they don’t follow through, it’s no longer a win-win and also against all my morals to be a scam and cheat. Next time … well there will not be a next time with any other affiliate program again. But it did strike an idea. I’ve always wanted to be able to have no-risk solution to digital marketing, affiliate programs are supposed to be kind of that way, however what if I could offer a program where clients only pay us when we get a customer? Pay for sale? How would that work? I’m open to any thoughts and suggestions, let me know!