Is your website Google Preferred?

Google-Preferred: Google Gives Responsive Websites Preference in Search Rankings

Is your website mobile-friendly? Is it designed with responsive programming?  If not, you should be prepared for if your website ranking plummets on Google search results. “Mobilegeddon” is here.

Google makes a lot of tweaks to their algorithms, but announces very few. On April 21st, 2015, Google announced that websites that are not mobile-friendly will suffer in ranking and page placement. Their new algorithms admittedly prefer websites that look and perform accurately on mobile devices: Smart Phones and Tablets.

This means more than having your pages be mobile-optimized. It means needing improved readability, responsive programming, and avoiding the use of non-mobile friendly software, such as Flash.  CLICK HERE to take Google’s Mobile-Friendly Website Test. 

Unsure of how to make your current website Google Preferred? Call Downtown Design today to see about getting your website on Google’s good side.

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