The Secret by Rhonda Byrnes

This is by far, the best book I’ve ever read – and the most important.

I was in awe of their success, just like an inspiring entrepreneur would be. So I jabbed a little deeper in the subject. She then brought out a book out of her library. It was “The Secret”.

– Christy Huisenga (Beving)

It’s been ten years ago almost to date – and I remember the first time like yesterday. It just so happened to be the day that the 35W bridge collapsed.

That day my life completely changed.

I remember hearing about this book multiple times before giving in and finally doing something about it – and the only reason I did give in, was because it was by successful entrepreneurs who I looked up to.

The person that finally got me to give in, even though I don’t remember a name nor why I was even there … probably an acquaintance from a networking group or something. But I remember the drive, I met her at her home. It was a long, winding road in the rich part of southern Minneapolis. I remember the road was like a spiral staircase leading up to the most beautiful houses, with every turn they got bigger and more extravagant. I finally reached my destination. A gold gate led us up a long paved driveway, and the house was at least three stories high of pure brick. I walked in and my mouth dropped. I could see all the way to the ceiling and there was a walkway from the very top all the way down. Everything in the house was expensive, I was scared to touch anything. She wasn’t afraid to drop in that her husband is an account executive to a large corporation and he was very specific about his home finances as well. She also dropped in that he goes nuts if their checking account falls under $100,000.

I was in awe of their success, just like an inspiring entrepreneur would be. So I jabbed a little deeper in the subject. She then brought out a book out of her library. It was “The Secret”.

Soon after I left her house, even though I never did “read” it, I had the video at home and that’s what made me finally watch it. (Luckily I did make it home, I took 94 instead of 35W – a choice may have saved my life.) When I put the movie in … I stood for the whole two hours. I was so intrigued I couldn’t even look away to sit down. My jaw hurt from being down must the time in pure shock.

Half of me said, “Oh God Almighty, where has this been all my life!? This is the biggest secret of mankind! My life will never be the same!” and the other half said “What a hoax! I can’t imagine what my dad would say. I’m never going to bring this up to him, I would be so embarrassed.” I couldn’t believe this, I’m not a fool that would fall for this.

But of course, I gave it a try anyway.

My life hasn’t been the same and I’ve made up my mind about it. It’s absolutely, positively true.

It happens to me almost daily and I’ve finally got the hang of it. It does take a lot of effort to change things around. Some of the areas in my life I haven’t been successful at using it – but for the most part, I have. I actually have.

I’ve even proven it by manifesting in front of one of the biggest skeptics of all, my husband. Another skeptic, my sister, manifested her dream home. I’ve manifested work, money, family and almost any of my wants that I truly desire.

It’s been proven, this is a law of science, not a gimmick. But yet, it’s one of the hardest things for people to wrap their head around.

It makes perfect sense to me because God created us in his likeness, with the Holy Spirit within us – we are much more powerful than we think!

This book is an absolute must read for anyone. Do yourself a favor, read it and take it very seriously. I actually have the book on audio and must of listened to it hundreds of times until it was memorized. There is so much great information in this book. Your future self, will thank you!

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