So you put in, “Website Design Minneapolis MN” in Google … now what?

So now you are staring at a list of top website designers in Minneapolis, MN – now what? Here are our top 5 things to do:

  1. Check their portfolio.
    The worst feeling is paying a ton of money for something that looks like crap. Make sure that your new potential website company has what it takes to make you look better than your leading competitor’s websites.
  2. Research the owner. 
    It pays to do a little research on who you’ll be working with. Try to meet with the owner of the company, but maybe do a little research first. Facebook and LinkedIn are great resources!
  3. Check ratings.
    A good web designer knows that keeping their reputation up with the public is important. Check out Google, Facebook and Yelp ratings to see what clients have to say.
  4. Meet with them.
    Make sure to have a face to face meeting with who you will be working with. It’s important to have good synergy when working on any extended project. Make it enjoyable for you.
  5. Make sure they’re local.
    When it comes to large projects, a local company can make a world of difference. It’s important that the person that you are working with is local, but also their entire team. Make sure that phone calls can and will be made during your business hours, not at completely the opposite time around the world. Not to mention, it may be important to you to support your local community.

Building a website requires teamwork with both parties, and should be a continued relationship as the website expands with the business. Make sure the relationship can be long lasting and mutually beneficial.

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