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Next Year’s Marketing

Have you planned next year’s marketing? What did you do last year for marketing? Did it work? Starting and running a business can be stressful – even more so when sales aren’t where they should be. It can be downright scary. However, there is good news! When you have a marketing plan in place, it […]

Website Design Agency Now in Minneapolis

We’re excited to announce as of October we now have an office space for our website design company in Minneapolis, MN! It’s a shared space with other creatives, named “Fueled Collective”. It’s located in Minneapolis right in the heart of “Nordeast,” the city’s vibrant arts district nestled within a historic, century-old restored building. This sunlit, productive shared […]

The importance of a website update

Imagine this:  You’re planning an exciting surprise weekend away.  You contact two different hotels in the heart of the area you’re going to explore, and you ask that they send you information.  HOTEL #1 mails you an outdated brochure, with photos of employees sporting 80’s blazers and comb-overs in a dark brass-emblazoned lobby.  HOTEL #2 sends you a glossy, die-cut brochure […]

Website Content Best Practices

The stuff on my website doesn’t matter that much, does it? Does it? Well, no not really.  Not if you want your website to just sit on the side of the road with a flat tire while the other sites go racing by.  BUT, if you actually want your website to work as a tool for you, […]