Top 10 Reasons to Avoid Angie’s List

Our company manages Google Ad campaigns for many different types of companies, but one of the most popular professions we help is the construction, builder and remodeler industries. These types of business rely on lead generation in some way, shape or form to get the business it needs to thrive. In the past 5-10 years, companies like Angie’s List, Home Advisor and Houzz have played a big part in selling leads to this industry. However, many of the business owners that gets bound into these contracts rarely come out with any success stories. We know our Google Ads work, but how do they compare to these lead generation sites? After taking a closer look, the answer became clear. Here is our list of Top 10 Reasons to avoid these services. 

1. Cost per lead is usually higher with a lead generation site. 

When running comparisons of costs with Google Ads and Angie’s List, we found that the Angie’s List leads were always higher than the cost of our leads. This was quite shocking because when we generate a lead for a client, that client is the only one that is getting that lead, they are the only one that will be bidding on it from that click. Which leads us into to the next reason on our list.

2. Same lead is also sent to your competitors. 

Why pay MORE for a lead that your competitors are also getting that you have to bid against. So not only are you losing money on the leads, you are also have less chance of winning the lead. 

3. Renting, not buying.

When you build your profile on a lead generation site, you are essentially remodeling and investing in a “rental property” instead of your own site. All the money that you are putting into getting leads could be invested in your own space online so that it (your website) can grow. Creating more leads, more visitors and spending more money on your website adds value into your site, allowing it to grow organically, ranking higher in search engines. So when you are paying for a 3rd party service, you helping the other site grow, not your own.

4. Pump up reviews where it counts.

All positive reviews are great, however; depending on where those reviews are can hold some real value. A review on Google is MUCH more valuable than a review on Angie’s List. Why? Because Angie’s List reviews are only seen by those who search within Angie’s List. Google Reviews are seen then ENTIRE search engine in Google, furthermore it adds credibility to your website, potentially ranking you higher in Google and also ranking you higher in Google My Business.

5. You don’t own the leads.

With lead generation techniques like signing on with Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor (and even Google Home Services ads) you don’t own the leads generated

6. No control. 

When you invest in Angie’s List, you do not have control of those leads.When you are using Google Ads, we can control the entire lead funnel from start to finish, increasing the chance to convert those leads to sales.

7. Binding contract. 

When using Angie’s List, you are forced into a long-term binding contract, even if it doesn’t deliver – with Google Ads, especially with us – it’s a month-to-month basis. 

8. Customization is needed.

Do you offer more than one product or service? No problem! Don’t pay a bundle for each product and/or service you offer. In Google Ads, you can customize your marketing in more ways that you’d ever imagine!

9. Getting ghosted is scary.

If you ask me, working local and having face-to-face conversations are best, especially if investing into the business. Online marketing can be confusing, make sure you are working with someone you can reach and you can trust.

10. Lowest Customer Satisfaction

If those weren’t enough to convince you to stay clear of Angie’s List, maybe the negative reviews will. It’s been calculated that customers that use Angie’s List has 99% negative experience rating. Yikes!

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